Why Choose Us?

Your life is in the cloud. Shouldn’t your business be there too?

Private Tax Solutions makes QuickBooks do more. You get better utilization of Intuit, apps, and other tools. We offer an optimized, streamlined, tailored QuickBooks experience. Private Tax Solutions makes it easy because no one knows QuickBooks better. We work with our partners at Intuit to make service and development an ongoing process. Many accounting services can work with QuickBooks, but only Private Tax Solutions makes QuickBooks work with you.

We care all year long, not just quarterly.

We can prepare your taxes, but we want to do more. We want to prepare your whole business. Access to up-to-date tax planning assessments avoids unpleasant surprises while letting you plan for big things ahead. You get squeaky clean books with no tax-time rush.

We help you formulate tax strategies and plans and set goals for growth. Our partnership with you is a conversation about where you want your business to go. You get your documents with your big picture in mind.

Everybody needs a little help sometimes.

Taxes can be scary. You may have fallen behind. You may owe arrears you can’t pay. You may have missed filings. Whatever your problem is, we’ve walked through it before with other clients. We know the lay of the land. We can bring you up to date, negotiate settlements and make sure that laws and regulations put in place to protect and help you do just that.

Best of all, when you call to talk to us about your worries and fears, you are talking to the individual agent who will negotiate and fight for you. You won’t get a salesman, just honest, experienced advice about what is possible with no surprises.

Better information comes from better relationships.

Money is the lifeblood of your dream. The Private Tax Solutions team loves where they live and what they do. You are their favorite thing about their day. They will spend the time it takes to understand what you need and suggest new ideas and strategies.

Any bookkeeper can figure depreciation on a chair; we help you plan for buying a new one. We want to be your partner in growth for a long time. Your goals are our driving passion. Seeing you succeed is our life’s work.