2013 Tax Return

The original due date for 2013 tax returns was April 15, 2014, but you can still file a late tax return.

Is it too late to file?

No, it is never too late to file your taxes. However, the longer you wait, the more debt you could accrue. File today and find a new peace of mind for years to come.

Can I claim my refund?

No, it is has been more than three years since the 2013 filing deadline has passed. After this deadline has passed, it is impossible to claim your refund for 2013.

I can't pay the taxes I owe, should I still file?

Yes! Even if you cannot pay for your taxes, file anyway. The penalties are significantly less if you file and can't pay the debt versus not filing and not paying.

Penalties for Not Filing or Paying

If you cannot pay the debt, only 0.5% of the owed tax will be added to your debt each month. However, if you did not file and did not pay your owed taxes, 5% of the owed tax will be added each month. This is why it is important to pay your late taxes as soon as possible to avoid getting swamped in thousands of dollars owed to the IRS.

Can I file electronically?

No, you cannot file electronically (e-file) since it is more than a year past the April 15th, 2014 deadline to file 2013 tax returns. You will need to file your late taxes by mail, which we are more than happy to help you with.

How Do I Begin to File My Late 2013 Tax Return?

Begin by finding your 2013 documents, such as your W-2, expense records, and more. If you cannot find your 2013 financial information, we can use IRS form 2848 (power of attorney) to request all of the necessary data to begin filing out your tax return documents.

Ease Your Mind and File Today

It is easy to become busy and miss the tax deadline, but you deserve solutions and the peace of mind that your late tax returns will not become a problem down the road. Call (208) 227-8335 today to begin your 2013 tax return.