2012 Tax Return

The original due date for 2012 tax returns was April 15, 2013, but you can still file a late tax return.

A Late Tax Return is Always Better than a Missing Tax Return

If you didn’t file your 2012 tax return for some reason, it may be time to revisit that decision. The original deadline for the 2012 IRS Form 1040 was April 15, 2013. An automatic 6 month extension was also available by filing IRS Form 4868 before the original due date. To avoid further penalty fees and interest added to what you may owe for 2012, you should start filing your 2012 tax return today.

2012 Refunds Are No Longer Available

If you were expecting to claim your refund; unfortunately, that time has passed. The last day to claim your 2012 refund was April 18, 2016. If you were expecting a refund and still did not file your taxes, you probably won’t have a tax penalty. However, if you were expecting to owe taxes instead of claiming a refund for 2012 and did not file or pay, you may have accrued some penalty fines and interest on your owed tax. 

What to Do if I Didn't File or Pay

If you didn’t file your return and didn’t pay your 2012 taxes, 5% will be added to your tax balance each month due to the failure-to-file and failure-to-pay penalties. Over time, this added interest will considerably multiply what you owed originally.

What if I Filed, But Cannot Pay?

If you have filed your taxes, but you cannot pay the owed tax, only 0.5% is added to your owed tax each month. To help you pay back what you owe efficiently, the IRS has a few options of payment plans and several ways to process payments both electronically and manually. The IRS also has several payment and settlement options that may be available to you.

File Your 2012 Tax Return Today

Despite how you can no longer e-file your 2012 taxes, you can still file them out on paper and send them in manually to the IRS. We can help you start the process and even help you gather your 2012 documents in case you cannot find them. Call 844-774-8829 today and begin to file your 2012 tax return.