I received a letter from the IRS

I received a letter from the IRS and I don’t know what to do

Getting a letter from the IRS doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world or that you’re going to jail however the IRS is trying to reach you. Unfortunately most ordinary people have difficulty understanding what the IRS is trying to communicate.

We recommend reading IRS letters right away since most of their communication is time sensitive. If you put off reading or responding you can lose important options and face serious consequences that are difficult to overcome.

Generally, the most important IRS letters come by registered or certified mail. If you get a certified letter from the IRS please act quickly by accepting, reading, and responding to the letter. If you fail to do this, we have seen very harsh consequences imposed upon normal, everyday, law-abiding people. Examples of really bad consequences from not accepting a letter could include the IRS levying (garnishing) your paycheck or your bank account.

If you have any difficulty understanding an IRS letter we recommend calling the IRS. Usually the IRS provides a phone number in their letters.

Once you understand what the IRS needs to communicate, you should be able to determine whether to resolve the problem yourself or hire a knowledgeable professional who is authorized to represent people before the IRS.