I haven’t filed returns

I haven't filed my taxes

Why People Get Behind on their Taxes

Life gets in the way of filing tax returns. People get married; some get divorced. People lose jobs and businesses. Unfortunately people get sick and they get behind on their tax returns. With us there is no judgment, we’re real people and face the same challenges.

We just want to help you before the IRS contacts you. We know that life causes the problem of not filing a tax return, but then people put it off until they lose important records and can’t find a way to get caught up.

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How We Help With Unfiled Tax Returns

Here’s how we solve the problem of missing tax records. We get transcripts from the IRS, bank statements from your bank or credit union, and income information from the Social Security Administration.

We also look to see if the IRS filed a tax return for you. Yes, they will do that for you but it is not a good thing. There are consequences. They call an IRS prepared tax return a Substitute for Return Filing (an SFR). You need to know if this has happened – it’s important!

Finally, we put the information together using tax preparation software for the missing years and send the return to the correct address.

We have additional information to share about filing missing tax returns. Please let us know where to forward additional information.

You’re Going to Discover…

  • How to quickly stop aggressive IRS collection activity. We don’t believe any honest, hardworking
    individual has to endure their wages and bank accounts being seized by IRS revenue officers.
  • There are multiple solutions to serious tax debt problems. Some solutions can be very
    affordable. The best solutions do not involve bankruptcy and do not destroy your credit, your
    employment or your reputation.
  • There is a simple, straightforward process for determining the best tax solution to your problem.
  • Why only about 1% of all CPAs and Attorneys are even qualified to solve serious tax debt
  • Why the IRS talks differently to you than to a qualified tax professional that knows IRS policies
    and procedures. As a result, representing yourself before the IRS can end up in disaster.

Private Tax Solutions

Private Tax Solutions helps business owners and individuals solve their serious tax problems.  Our clients are located all over the United States, and we have even represented US citizens living abroad in places as far away as South Korea.  Private Tax Solutions uses Certified Public Accountants, Enrolled Agents, and Attorneys to solve tax problems. 


These are great people to work with. They have saved me thousands of dollars dealing with the IRS. They really know what they are doing and know how to work with the IRS. Worth every penny.”

“Last we hear we had the unfortunate experience of being audited for a previous tax year. Jon Miller communicated with the IRS for us and he and Angela gave us direction on working through the process. I won’t say it wasn’t stressful but having a knowledgeable team on our side made it much easier. I am happy to say that our tax return for that year was accepted as filed after the audit. I consider that a win!”

“I cannot say enough about the work Jon and Angela did for me and for my clients. They are extremely competent and deliver more than they promise. Many accountants often say things that a taxpayer may want to hear, but Jon and Angela was straight with me from day 1 and they worked very hard as my advocate. I have no reservations referring Jon and Angela to all of my clients.”