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Think of us as your own private financial concierge.

We care all year long, not just quarterly.

We can prepare your taxes, but we want to do more.

We want to prepare your whole business. Access to up-to-date tax planning assessments avoids unpleasant surprises while letting you plan for big things ahead. You get squeaky clean books with no tax-time rush. We help you formulate tax strategies and plans and set goals for growth. Our partnership with you is a conversation about where you want your business to go. You get your documents with your big picture in mind.

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Cloud Accounting

Leave the numbers and stress  to us, so you can focus on what you do best. Vacation maybe?

Tax Preparation

Trust that you’ll get the best return from your federal, state, and local tax return.

Tax Planning

Let us help you recognize unique benefits and options for your tax savings.

Tax Resolution

Living with tax debt? Let us resolve those problems with a free consultation.

Why Choose Us

Private Tax Solutions makes it easy because no one knows QuickBooks better. We work with our partners at Intuit to make service and development an ongoing process.

Private tax solutions was a great experience. They not only did our current year of taxes but also amended our previous tax return. When all was said and done they helped us double our return for the previous year! My wife and I highly recommend their service to anyone. Thank you Private Tax solutions for your dedication and service to us!
Last we hear we had the unfortunate experience of being audited for a previous tax year. Jon Miller communicated with the IRS for us and he and Angela gave us direction on working through the process. I won’t say it wasn’t stressful but having a knowledgeable team on our side made it much easier. I am happy to say that our tax return for that year was accepted as filed after the audit. I consider that a win!
For many years now, Jon Miller has given me superior tax consulting advice and has prepared returns for corporate, personal (estate planning) and trust taxes. Jon’s experience and comprehensive understanding of complex tax strategies has helped me to save thousands of dollars. Equally important, he is easy to talk to and is good at explaining concepts. I have enjoyed working with Jon and his staff for many years and hope to continue working with them for many more.