QuickBooks Online-Is it worth it?

QuickBooks Online-Is it worth it?

If you know anything about us, then you’ll know that we have used Quickbooks Online (QBO) for a long time now. There are no perfect services out there, but QBO provides the best bang for your buck. 

What We Love About QuickBooks Online

One thing we love about QBO is the ease of access. All the accounts are connected, including bank accounts, credit cards, and even PayPal, so it’s easy to categorize all transactions. Since QBO is a web-based platform, it is available any time on any computer or mobile device. You can connect your business bank accounts directly into QBO where your transactions sync automatically. From there it’s easy to categorize all the transactions into the right income or expense account. It’s easy to review your company’s books and pull financial reports like profit and loss statements or balance sheets.

Another thing we love is that it opens the doors for remote accounting services. With QBO, we can view our clients accounts at the same time with them. We don’t have to be logged in the same computer, and you don’t have to send us any files, This cuts out a lot of frustration that our clients could have because we can see exactly what you’re looking at and give you real-time help.

The final thing we love about QBO is how easy it is for our clients to use. There is an initial learning curve, but, with our help, our clients are quickly able to learn how to use and get the most out of QBO so that their business runs smoothly.

How to Move Away from QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks desktop offers similar services to QBO, however, we aren’t able to view our client’s books simultaneously with them. Not only that, but any updates that a client makes we don’t see right away. It makes remote accounting much more difficult. 

It is possible to move over your QuickBooks Desktop to Online. Give us a call and we can help set this up for you!


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