Get Your Tax Refund in 2019…Fast

Get Your Tax Refund in 2019…Fast

Now that the IRS is open to file tax returns, most of us want the fastest and most accurate response possible. Below is some personal advice on how to achieve a quick, uncomplicated tax return this season.

Some Guidance to Getting Your 2019 Tax Refund

  • Don’t file before you receive your W-2’s, 1099’s, 1098’s, 1095’s or other required information. These important tax documents should have been distributed to you from any employee by January 31st. But file before April, because the tax deadline is just around the corner, and filing early will ensure that you can take your time paying off what you owe the federal or state government.
  • Review your return for accuracy. Any incorrect and inconsistent information can delay your refund. These inconsistencies could be in the displayed data about your Social Security Number and your bank information. Double check just in case. Many people get confused by what information goes in each slot, this confusion contributes to inconsistencies which will keep your tax return from being accepted. This has the potential to cause a delay in your filing. These delays can be stressful, especially if after filling in all the numbers you find you owe a substantial chuck of money.
  • Rather than paper filing, we strongly recommend that you e-file and collect the refund through a direct deposit to your bank account. With paper filing you can end waiting for the mail, and that could add on a extra few weeks if you do paper file.
  • Be on the look out for any communication from the IRS via your mail. If you do have a notice, respond to it immediately.

On average e-filer’s report that they have received their return within 2-4 weeks, especially if they planned for the money to be direct deposit. This depends on when the return was submitted to the IRS. The sooner in the tax season that you can file, the sooner you will be able to manage any fees, collect your return, and direct that money to where it is needed in your life. On the other hand, paper filers report an average of 10-11 weeks before the return is deposited to their account and accessible for use.

Most people who employ the help of tax experts, find that their returns are notably less stressful than if they had decided to handle all the forms and filing alone. Perhaps, if you are like the majority, returns overwhelm you and you would like some assistance. At Private Tax Solutions our professionals are ready to help you achieve peace of mind. Call us at our office 844-774-8829 to see how we can help you.

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