I haven’t filed returns.

Life gets in the way of filing tax returns. People get married; some get divorced. People lose jobs and businesses. Unfortunately people get sick and they get behind on their tax returns. With us there is no judgment, we’re real people and face the same challenges.

We just want to help you before the IRS contacts you. We know that life causes the problem of not filing a tax return, but then people put it off until they lose important records and can’t find a way to get caught up.

Here’s how we solve the problem of missing tax records. We get transcripts from the IRS, bank statements from your bank or credit union, and income information from the Social Security Administration.

We also look to see if the IRS filed a tax return for you. Yes, they will do that for you but it is not a good thing.  There are consequences. They call an IRS prepared tax return a Substitute for Return Filing (an SFR). You need to know if this has happened – it’s important!

Finally, we put the information together using tax preparation software for the missing years and send the return to the correct address.

We have additional information to share about filing missing tax returns. Please let us know where to forward additional information.